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I can still read, write, love and laugh.

I can still eat and cook and hold a small child.

I still remember most of what I knew before and have acquired new wisdom found in no book or class.

I understand the value in a moment and will waste no time, mine or yours.

I understand how little any of us actually know and will readily admit when I am wrong.

I realize that self knowledge is invaluable and even essential to keeping oneself alive and so I will continue to study and learn.

My time is perhaps limited, so I will not partake in office gossip or negative discussion about others. I will attempt to uplift and inspire. I will stand up for myself and others when needed.

What I cannot give in speed, agility or physical strength, I will make up for in honesty, appreciation, gratitude and diligence.

My heart is fragile but it is open and wise and worthy.

I have much to offer, still.

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