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Waste Not, Want not

January 2, 2011

I would love to be able to write about how we stuck to the plan throughout the holidays; how we avoided the fat laden feasts and desserts of every kind. I wish I could tell you that we resisted all the old favorites and found new fat-free ones. Alas, since Thanksgiving while our eating hasn’t been with total abandon, we have veered far from our wiser intentions of before the holidays began. Even yesterday, New Year’s Day, we had family over for the traditional southern New Year Fare, turnip greens, black-eyed peas, rice and cornbread. While I did tone it down a bit, there was still some ham in both the greens and the peas. Only brown rice was without fat as I resorted to real cornbread baked into perfect little muffins. It seemed as if eaten that way, in all their cuteness and neatness we might somehow void the butter and whole egg, even buttermilk cooked inside each one.

Yet, every meal was not off the chart. Many times we ate as before and admitted often how relieved we both felt and how less than well we often felt after our gluttonous moments. One of the best was dinner with friends at a funky little restaurant we’d passed hundreds of times and never noticed. We had scallop po-boys that tasted like nothing I’d ever eaten before. We ate gifts of homemade cookies and gave each other our favorite chocolates. New Year’s Eve, I feared for a moment I had finally pushed the envelope too far. We had gathered with a few friends for dinner. They had prepared Lobster Bisque, using cream so heavy that she said it poured from the bottle in clumps of butter goodness. A strange feeling washed over me and I felt a tad dizzy about halfway through the bowl. It passed and I swore I’d cool it on the fat. I did for a good 12 hours, until I began cooking our New Year’s Day meal.

Today though, I feel quite complete in our cheating. I feel ready to resume our healthier lifestyle. I’m eager for vegetables, fruits, beans and grains. I want to lose again the two pounds I gained back over the course of these few weeks.  I’m ready to stay the course, be a rock, excerpt my will power to resist temptation. The gorging on fat grams is over. I am strong and turn the other cheek to every dish or spoon or forkful that isn’t good for my arteries…except maybe for the leftovers in the frig.

Happy New Year!

and a little bit of peace on earth!

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