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Full of Thanks

November 23, 2010
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Those twice baked potato stuffed things were a disaster. Lee, insisted they were delicious, but love will cause one to lie on occasion. I though they were hideous. Sustenance and nothing more.

I cheated a tad today and made us a little shrimp stir fry. It wasn’t fried of course, but sautéed in vegetable broth, but delicious still served over whole wheat pasta.

Tomorrow kicks off the Thanksgiving cooking. I bought a pound of butter, and will no doubt use every ounce in the cooking. I’ll be baking the turkey, making the cornbread dressing, the gravy and a big pot of pole beans. There will be a stick of butter in the cornbread, a stick used to cook the onions and celery in for the dressing and a stick on the turkey. That leaves a stick for the table.

We’ve decided our best plan of action is not avoidance, but strict portion control. A bite of this and a bite of that will hopefully keep us from filling up on the forbidden fruits while allowing us to feel as if we are able to participate fully in the feast of the year.There are a half-dozen other dishes coming plus at least two desserts.

Our big cheating moment so far this week has been cookies. My grandson was selling cookie dough (for a ridiculous amount of money!) as a school fund-raiser. I find those things horribly unfair, but what’s a granny to do? Anyway, I’d ordered this pack of cookie dough, a chocolate chip, pecan, coconut wonder that came as 24 ready to bake cookies. The kids delivered them yesterday. I thought of freezing them and saving them to bake when the grands visited but knew too that we were both very likely to take them out and bake them in a moment of weakness.

Weak moments seem to follow us around like shadows. Lee suggested I go ahead and bake them and then take them to work. That would get them used but out of the house. That was a great plan, but of course we had to try one. Each one had a whopping 9gm of fat! We were able to limit our cheating to one cookie each, but I was alarmingly aware that in the past, I might very well have eaten five or six of them at one time!

Lee did take most of them to work today, but there are four sitting in a zip-lock bag on the counter. So far, so good. I haven’t touched one yet, today. We all know the hour of temptation has not come yet, though. I was both relieved and devastated to find that they had not all left the house. They sit side by side with the fat-free oatmeal apple, cran-raisin cookies that seem to be lasting forever. Nothing about a fat-free cookie makes me want to eat five or six at a time. The umph just isn’t there.

If I don’t return to the cyber world until after Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I am thankful for you, my witnesses.

I am very thankful to be here. I really thought last year was my last. That occurred to me earlier today. Every day feels like a bonus prize.

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  1. Mary permalink
    November 23, 2010 8:27 pm

    My dear friend. Yes, I have been wrestling with the cookie monster this week, and he has been winning.

    My nephew *JUST* emailed me this article:

    So, it seems, the two or three years of harping on him has paid off. He is now informing me. I am so pleased. My mother in law discussed the pros and cons of ice cream vs fro yo vs whipped cream for the cooking light heart healthy pumpkin pie (I did not tell her about the cookies..or the ice cream…oops. That slipped out.) I advised her that its just best to get the canned real whipped cream, squirt it on the piece as requested, then give the can away – not to my house.

    I am a fountain of good information. If I could only get a grip on my hypocrisy, it would all be put to good use. My former best friend just had an aortic reconstruction today due to PAD, and it was not a sure bet. It sobers me up going into this.

    A happy and heart healthy TG to you and yours ~ Love, Mary and family

    • November 23, 2010 8:50 pm

      Scary article but didn’t that pecan pie at the top look heavenly? My daughter is supposed to be bringing two pecan pies. Good to see our plan is well validated.

      I’ve been having this email conversation with my aunt who is sure this lack of fat is going to kill us. I’m trying to convince her of how often we cheat!

      Lee will be home from work in less than an hour and I do not want to cook one more bean or vegetable or whole grain anything. One call and she’d gladly pick something up on the way home…but I won’t make that call. Not tonight anyway. By the way, we finally found the chocolate vita-tops. Trying them tonight I hope, unless the cookies beat the __vit out the top.

      That aortic reconstruction sounds a lot like that vascular surgeon wants to do to me. I finally realized I really believe I’ll die if I have that done. Whew. I needed to “say that outloud” for awhile I think.

      Let’s both be smart okay my friend? A cyber agreement of sorts? I especially like the dessert or salad plate idea.

      Love and hugs! Allie

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