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Shifting Sands

November 20, 2010
From Bagels to Bread Crumbs

Image by savorytart via Flickr

Already the holidays are keeping me from writing as much. Living vs writing about living. Often they are one and the same for me. I have great recipe news to share though. Mary, your link to recipes that included zucchini boats and Lynn your recipe for veggies topped with bread crumbs has led to a virtual avalanche of flavor. I didn’t have any bread crumbs, so I made them from a slice of our home-made bread, one teaspoon seasoned slivered almonds (the salad topper variety, left over from our pre diet days), a tablespoon of parmesan cheese and some various spices pulverized in the ninja. I baked sliced zucchini, yellow squash, onion and tomatoes, then when they were almost done, I topped them generously with our bread crumbs and put them under the broiler until the crumbs began to brown. Lynn, you were so right. Almost heaven indeed.

Tonight, I’m baked a few small Yukon gold potatoes. I then scooped out the inside and filled each half with a black bean, corn, onion, tomato, jalapeno and green chile salsa I made a couple of days ago. I mashed the scooped out potato with garlic, salt and pepper and put a scoop on top of each half. Then I topped each one with similar bread crumbs as I made the other night. I just added a bit of chili pepper and a few red pepper flakes to the mix.

I know it sounds like overkill, but unless you have lived this diet I wouldn’t expect you to understand. Everything begins to taste boringly the same and any zing and surprise is like the grooms cake at a wedding, far better than the standard fare or expected mouthful. On second thought, it is every bit as boring as one might thing, at least as boring as I had feared, without considerable thought, research, preparation and experimentation.

We both continue to cheat about two meals each week. Once a week it seems to be driven by fatigue and convenience and the other time by an insatiable urge for some culinary taste from the past. Each time, we are not only disappointed, but grossed out by the flavor of grease out-tasting whatever food it is around or within or beneath it and the feel of the oil in our mouths.

The carob covered raisins seem to be reluctantly working at night. When I think of those 35 little raisin wanna be’s, I know my eyes roll and I have no hope of them curbing the need for real milk chocolate that can be likened to the desire felt by a child as he tries to fall asleep on Christmas Eve. I expect the raisins to be no better than unwrapping the dreaded article of clothing as a child. Somehow though, around raisin 29 or so, the intensity of the chocolate craze has lessened and by raisin 35, while not gone, it is quieted to the point where I can ignore it. Last night, it was the craving for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard from Dairy Queen that tortured me. The cravings shift like the sand beneath my feet in a wave, covering me and exposing me as I try to stand steady.

I kept my beautiful two-year old God Granddaughter the other day and then spent next the day shopping with my other daughter. While we bought little, we grazed through a dozen stores, laughing and talking and weighing the pros and cons of each possible Christmas gift. Several times, I felt dizzy. Several times I broke out in a sweat. Several times I knew I was over done long before I climbed into the car the last time. I had two wonderful days though.

I am able to tolerate so much more. Yet, I am never satisfied it seems and want more. I want to be able to walk a little further and go a little longer and feel a little better. I got on the scales today. 131#. The lowest yet. I suppose the weight loss is the perfect example of the progress I’ve made in general. While slow and not near fast enough to suit me, it is steady and real and sure. I’ve lost about a pound a week. I’ve gained about an hour a day. I’ve expanded the reach of my legs and my hips. As for my heart, it is full. As for the shifting sand, the beach has always been my favorite place on earth.

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  1. Lynn Kelly permalink
    November 23, 2010 11:46 pm

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the crumb/parmesan topping. I think it’s a Godsend for boring veggies.

    We did what sounded like a great brussel sprouts recipe for our early TG with family last weekend and it was a bummer. Oh, well, win a few-loose a few! And keep on trying new things.

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