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Relative Quality

November 13, 2010
blood pressure measurement

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Maybe I’m jumping the gun here but there may be another effect of this food change going on.

I already mentioned the walking around the mall. For months and months and months and months, I took my blood pressure every day, sometimes several times a day. Before all this began, less than two years ago, my blood pressure ran around 100/70 and my pulse stayed in the high 80’s and 90’s. Since all this began, my blood pressure, despite Beta Blockers and such, has stayed around 135/85. Sometimes it’s even been around 145/90. My pulse has stayed slow as molasses. I call it my Beta Blocker blood. My heart beat may pound, but it is rarely over 60, often in the low 50’s.

I took my blood pressure the other day. I found myself feeling a tiny bit dizzy, and not the usual dizzy or wobbly I get now and then. So, I took it when we got home. It was 124/62 before nighttime meds.

I took it again the next morning before meds. 107/59. I took it again about an hour after taking the morning drug cocktail of Toprel, Crestor and Isordil and it was 108/61. Mid-day, it was 131/65.

This morning before meds it was 99/60 and tonight before meds it is 134/75. My pulse is also up at 68, the only time above 62 since I started checking it again the other night.

Maybe it’s a fluke, but I’m a little excited.

I have a few dietary updates. We’ve checked out some different veggie burgers. So far, Morning Star wins, hands down. For buns, we’re using the Earthgrains Thin Buns. They have only 100 calories, are made of all whole grain and each one has only 1.5 gm of fat. It’s not a Thickburger from Hardies and doesn’t come close to Five Guys or what Lee would’ve made us a couple of months ago on the grill, but it’s every bit as good as a regular McDonald’s burger and better than Burger King any day. Without a hint of beef, it even looks more like meat than some.

I made bread again today, using that recipe on page 132 of Dr. Ornish’s book about Everyday Cooking. After I had the loaf kneaded and rising, I decided to try some muffins. I used the same recipe, just modifying it a bit. Instead of 1/8 cup granulated sugar, I increased the sugar load to 1/3 cup brown sugar. I also added about a tablespoon of Molasses. Then, I added one large chopped apple and 7 chopped dates. A tablespoon of cinnamon and about a tablespoon of fresh chopped ginger completed the mix.

First, this made a much wetter batter and it seemed like I had to use more flour in the kneading process. I used muffin pans simply because I only have one loaf pan and it was going to be in use with the bread.

The bread made the way the recipe directs has 12 servings. Each serving has 123 calories, o.6gm fat and negligible sugar.  Adding the large apple, brown sugar, molasses and dates adds this to the total;

140 calories, about 35 gm sugar for 7 dates

70 calories, 14 gm of sugar for a tablespoon of molasses

56 gm of sugar and 210 calories in the brown sugar

118 calories for the large apple

The recipe made a lot of muffins, 3o be exact.

The usual recipe has a total of 1476 calories for the entire loaf. Made into apple and date muffins, it now has a total of 1874 calories. Divided into 30 muffins, that’s less than 65 calories per muffin. The sugar content is still only around 3.5 gm each. Not bad for a slightly sweet muffin.

It’s no Milky Way, but it’ll help and it’s something different. Next time, I might add some raisins. I’d have loved to have added about a cup of chopped pecans! That would have blown the fat content out of the water though. While I’m dreaming, they’d taste fabulous hot with a  big pat of real butter melting down the sides…

Like the bread, it’s dense and hearty. Like the bread, too, I froze most of them in freezer bags of four or six each.

On to yet another subject. An old friend came to visit yesterday. She told me that a friend of her’s, a woman I use to know, was recently diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. After checking with more than one doctor, it sounds as if she has a few months at best. Not only do I feel so full of hurt, sadness and compassion for her, but I feel a bit of embarrassment. My diagnosis has no time limit to it. My prognosis, while it offers little hope for longevity, it is vague, and has great possibility in its lack of clarity. Her’s has great clarity and little possibility.

She has opted for chemo to gain a little more time. She never thought she’d go that route if ever in that situation. We never know until we are face to face with our mortality what choices we would really make. Life can suck so bad sometimes! Yet, just to see and smell and taste and touch and hear for one more moment and most of all, to love through one more heartbeat! Well, life, regardless of quality, is so incredibly sweet. Quality is relative anyway.

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  1. Lynn Kelly permalink
    November 13, 2010 9:13 pm

    Zucchini and Tomato Crisp

    1 zucchini sliced lengthwise into 4 slices
    1 large tomato (or several small cherry or grape tomatoes, halved)
    Italian seasoning
    1/3 cup Panko bread crumbs
    1 clove garlic minced
    1/4 c. finely grated parmesan cheese

    spray both sides of zucchini with non-stick spray
    sprinkle with seasonings
    lay in baking dish and broil 4 min each side
    remove from oven, add tomato slices to side of pan
    sprinkle mixture of Panko, garlic, p. cheese over zucchini and tomatoes

    Broil 2 min until browned. (goes quickly so watch it)

    We thought we were in heaven


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