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Can’t Have Olive Oil, but Thanks for Olive Branches!

October 28, 2010
Animated dove with olive branch

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The dove returned bearing olive branches. First, a card and letter from a dear friend, complete with an edible gift. Thank you Donna. Then pictures of grandchildren. Thank you Hannah. Pictures of one of the weddings from the weekend came in the mail.  Finally, Lee made a pot of soup this morning before going to work.

I was so tired of my own cooking. Maybe it’s not just that things all taste alike now, and with our not eating out, I have cooked 95% of everything we have eaten for a month now. Lee’s soup was full of mushrooms, tomatoes, pasta, peppers, onion, ginger and tofu. It is spicy and so different from the things I cook. I feel renewed and refreshed and I haven’t even eaten it yet.

I do still feel tired. Lee thinks it’s from the extreme diet changes. I just know it feels almost a bit much to even blink at times. I can still do what I need to do. I’m not having any other drastic symptoms. I just feel as if I need to spend a day or ten in bed. Then, in the morning, I can’t wait to get up and get going and doing and writing. It’s a crazy feeling, exhausted and raring to go at the same time. I’m already making all sorts of plans for Lee’s next day off.

I look in the mirror and I look as tired as I feel. It cannot be hidden or concealed behind makeup. We went to a gathering last night and I wore “full” makeup. To me, I looked terribly pale. As I get older, I have to smile just to keep from appearing to frown anyway, and adding this fatigue to the mix only makes that worse. The pictures of that wedding on Saturday made me cringe. I use to look younger than my age, now I get asked if I want the senior discount everywhere I go. Heart disease doesn’t just affect the inside. Illness is an all over thing. There is nothing it does not touch in me or in my life.

Last night for dinner we had a simple baked potato and very simple salad. The potato was a Yukon gold and tasted far sweeter than any potato I ever eaten. We used that spray soy imitation butter stuff and it was great. We also used the spray-spritzer salad dressing. Counting up all the sprays I used, I had 2gm of fat for dinner. Not bad. We had the apple bars for dessert and I was able to avoid the late night chocolate attack.

Here’s the recipe for Lee’s delicious soup:

1 1/2 cups whole wheat pasta (cooked slightly in salted water before draining and adding to soup)

3 cups mushrooms

1 can diced tomatoes

1 can Rotel (tomatoes and chilis)

1 poblano pepper- diced

1 TBSP diced jalapeno peppers (from a jar)

1/2 chopped onion

1 TBSP chopped ginger

1  cup vegetable broth (with herbs and white wine- in a carton)

5 cups organic vegetable broth

1 cup diced tofu


3 TBSP of reduced sodium soy sauce

3 TBSP lime juice

She cooked the peppers, ginger and onion in a bit of the broth till tender, then added everything else and just let it simmer. We’ll eat it with homemade bread. Could food get any better than that? Maybe if we added a little shredded sharp cheddar…

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