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Two Weddings, A Funeral and Three Birthdays

October 22, 2010
Wedding cake

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Lee heated up the cabbage rolls and baked some corn tortillas. The rolls and the tortillas were both surprisingly delicious with salsa. There are still a couple left, not to mention that leftover plain cabbage and cabbage stock I saved.

Lee ate the last caramel apple last night and I had five caramels (plus a couple of bites of her apple). I could easily have eaten the entire bag. As candy and fat go, they aren’t that bad. They only have  3GM per five pieces, less than 100mg of salt , too. The stick in the spoke is that over half the fat is saturated fat, so any brief thoughts I had of eating a couple every day had to be quickly abandoned.

We will be both on the go and hosting company all weekend. The house will be full not once but twice. I’ll be eating out and cooking for non vegetarians. Emotionally, I feel a little like toast.  Like it or not, I have to burn calories instead of talking about them and clean this house!

Tomorrow makes three full weeks. Yeah us!

Sing along with me,

“I’m dreaming of a white wedding cake, just like the ones I use to eat…”

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