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Better Not Butter the Butternut

October 19, 2010
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I really believe I’m getting better. It’s been less than three weeks, but it does seem my heart and my legs are improved. I’d be inclined to think that simply wasn’t possible, that so little time could cause blood to flow more freely around my heart and to my legs and feet, but my online buddy Mary sent me several articles, all supporting this eating manner. One said that after just two weeks dramatic effects in mice were seen. One sang the praises of “starving” fat tissue and of how much extra blood vessel it takes to support just one pound of fat in our bodies. On and on they went about how and why eating this way works. They weren’t just talking heart disease either.

Reading the articles inspired me to make a short list of tips from my experience thus far.

1. Read something everyday to keep you motivated. Friends like Mary help as do the books I ordered.

2. This blog helps. It gives me accountability (whether anyone actually reads it or not!). It is my Weight Watchers meeting, my partner, my coach. It keeps me honest. It is what a cardiologist might do for me if they knew something besides drugs and interventions.

3. Stock the kitchen well, even if you don’t yet know what to do with what you put in it. You will learn.

4. Allow twice the time (at least) to grocery shop. You’ll be reading labels and examining vegetables. I mull over recipes in my mind and imagine what I might could do with certain things. It takes me about two hours most weeks! And you will have to go at least once a week. I can hardly believe the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits we eat! My frig has never been so full, not even when I had four kids at home.

5. Invest in food storage containers. I save everything and freeze any leftovers, eat them the next day or use them to make something else. I’ve gone major green in the kitchen…recycle, reuse…

6. I chop, slice and dice a lot. I also enjoy it. I have a fancy chopper I seldom use. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I find it soothing, calming, relaxing.

Our blender died yesterday morning. First of all, that’s the longest any blender has ever lived in my care. You know how some folks can’t wear watches, they break as soon as they put them on? That’s how I’ve been with blenders. This one has lasted awhile though, until yesterday when halfway through our smoothies, it stopped. We replaced it with a Ninja we bought at Walmart. It’s a combo blender and food processor. I’m already planning butternut squash soup for supper using the food processor part of my new toy.

Last night at the restaurant, I had seafood tacos stuffed with tiny shrimp, crab meat, tiny scallops and a little fish. All the seafood was grilled. The side was white rice and black beans. Other than the seafood (and there wasn’t a whole lot of it), the dish wasn’t so unlike what we’ve been eating. The tortilla was flour instead of corn and there was a some sort of creamy dressing along with the salsa type mixture inside, but I didn’t feel I’d stepped so far over the food line.

Lee had grilled a grilled fish, shrimp and scallop plate with a baked potato. She tried adding a little butter (or whatever that was they brought) to her potato but said it felt horribly greasy and gross in her mouth. Before, we both liked a little potato with our butter.I had one of her scallops and one of her shrimp. They both felt and tasted like they’d been brushed with oil before grilling. I can’t believe I could notice that!

It’ crazy how our tastes have changed in so little time!! We’ve both wondered though, how we could eat this way if I wasn’t home so much and able to devote so much time to cooking. I suppose one could do it, but the challenge would be to cook enough variety to not get bored and to get enough of a variety of foods and nutrients. One of those articles Mary sent (posted below) was about the combination of foods being vital just as the omission of fat is.

As for my weight, I’m bouncing around between 132.5 and 135.5. It’s not the fast and furious weight loss I’d hoped for, but weight loss wasn’t the primary objective anyway. The primary objective was and is to live. That part is going really well!

Here are all the articles Mary sent. None are very long and each one was motivating. All the first ones are from Science Daily.

These two are from The Huffington Post. This is my favorite,

more about how to,

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