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October 18, 2010


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The night before last, I made caramel apples. I used five small Mutzu apples and those caramel wraps. Ordinarily, I’d have used the real caramels and large apples. The caramel would have been outrageously thick on the apples. Mutzu apples are sweet and juicy and eating them makes a fine mess. Even using the wraps and the smallest apples, eating them was delightfully messy. The combination of caramel and apple juice ran down our chins and hands with every delicious bite. I ate two. Lee ate three. In one sitting. One time. One night. 4GM fat per caramel wrap. 150 calories. No regrets.We did not add nuts. That should count for something.

Yesterday was the hardest day so far to stay diligent. The taste of the caramel lingered in our minds and taunted out taste buds.

We had banana smoothies for breakfast. Lee also had two pieces of whole wheat toast (found Sara Lee Whole Wheat with 45 calories per two slices, 1GM of fat).

For lunch, we had leftover vegetable soup. I’d made it the night before with 15 beans, one Yukon Gold potato, one sweet potato, three carrots, frozen corn and a can of tomatoes with okra. It was thick and delicious. We ate it with toast.

Mid afternoon we had humus with raw broccoli and cauliflower.

For dinner we had spaghetti with black olives and artichoke hearts added to the sauce instead of meat.

Then, I made fat-free, sugar-free chocolate pudding. That might not have been too bad had I not almost single-handedly eaten all six servings!

Today, I got on the scales and weighed 135.5#. I feel puffy and I have a headache.

There is a bright spot in all this glutenous conveyance though. We took a walk yesterday. There is a block long street beside our house. It is downhill away from our home, uphill back. We walked all the way down to the dead-end and then back up the hill home. I absolutely could not have done that a month ago. In fact, a couple of months ago we went to a neighbor’s house about a third of the way. Lee had to go get the car and drive me home. I couldn’t make it up the hill.

We took our Basset Hound Rudi with us. He is sweet but terribly behaved and I know a daily walk would help. I would love to get strong enough to walk him myself everyday, at least that one block and back. Lee pretty much drug him the entire time. She got an extra workout doing that.

Today we will be out and about and will be meeting family for dinner. Lee has checked online menus at nearby restaurants. We are going to have salmon salads, our first fish since this all began. I need to eat very little until then!

We were talking to friends the other night, one of which has been vegetarian on and off most of his adult life. He said the last time he had to go back to eating meat because he got so low on energy without the added protein of eating meat. I can easily understand that if you didn’t devote a considerable amount of time preparing what you eat. It takes a crazy amount of time to keep it interesting and diverse. I’m trying to keep it colorful which also means a variety of different vegetables at every meal. I try to have whole grain pasta and/or beans at every meal. I add protein powder to our smoothies. Seldom is a salad our full meal. I hope I’m doing enough.

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