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Hurting Hearts

October 16, 2010

A friend fell off his attic stairs yesterday and hit his head. His wife of forty years called. She said it was very bad. We rushed to the hospital. They disconnected life support late afternoon and he died around midnight.

The wife had six young children when they married. They were all there, along with several of the older grandchildren. He was a funny man with a wacky sense of humor. He’d had a strange and potentially fatal brain infection in recent years. His living and thriving was miraculous. Brain surgery, seizures, personality changes, cognitive impairment and deep depression are all things he’d overcome. He was full of life and they were each others lives. She asked me how she was going to go home without him. I don’t know how she will even breath.

I am quite sure I couldn’t.

He called himself an atheist. I have a new feeling about those who dare say they don’t believe. My new feeling comes after my own near death adventures, but was instantly there after the first one. It has not changed. It takes a tremendous amount of faith in the goodness of whatever it is that animates all life, that holds the stars in the sky, that sparks creation itself, not to fear it enough to dare to say you have no belief. Even a tiny bit of fear would cause one to profess belief in something. Perhaps the most faithful believers are those that call themselves atheists.

Whatever is good and kind has the ability to love deeply and the courage to love profoundly, was Larry.

Oh and our only meal yesterday was a grilled vegetable sandwich (with a slice of provolone cheese) with french fries in the hospital cafeteria. I have no idea the content of the bread. I have a pretty good idea what was in the fries and cheese though.

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  1. October 16, 2010 10:07 pm

    What pain for the family…and for you as close friends. Our prayers, however worded, go out for them in this unbelievable time.

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