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Ch-ch-ch-ch change

October 15, 2010

I prepared dinner last night in record time. Fifteen minutes and it was on the table.

Brown rice (prepared a head of time) with black beans, corn and green chilis

Roasted asparagus

Spinach and mushrooms

That was it, easy, peasy and very tasty. No desire for dessert last night, but we’d worked in the yard before dinner, so that may have helped. Lee did the hard part of course, but I planted three flats of pansies. It was so hard to pull up that gigantic tomato plant. It still had blooms on it and a couple of small tomatoes. It’s root system was enormous. That one plant had kept us in delicious tomatoes all Summer. We only had to buy them a couple of times. I also picked the last three peppers, then pulled up the pepper plant, the skeleton of a basil plant and the remnants of the lemon thyme and parsley. I left the rosemary and oregano, hoping they can weather the winter and come back even more full next year.

We also trimmed back the Rose of Sharons, neatened up the large hedge by the carport and Lee cut the grass. That was probably the last time the grass will need cutting. The leaves are turning and all the plants are settling down for the Winter. The shrubs look scalped. Maybe they need some Christmas lights strung across them. Oh wait. We haven’t even carved a pumpkin yet.

I’m thinking soup for supper tonight. Maybe I’ll try a different cornbread recipe. It can’t possible be worse than the last try.

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