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Say Cheese

October 13, 2010


Cheese maturing in the caves at Cheddar Gorge

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Last night’s dinner was outstanding.

I reheated the brown rice with that bit of leftover citrus sauce along with a chopped apple. That was delicious and so different from what we’ve been having.

I roasted chopped carrots, onion, garlic, zucchini and yellow squash. Delicious as well.

I also found great corn at the grocery so we had corn on the cob.

The surprise was the tortillas. I topped some corn tortillas with refried beans, then sliced roasted tomato, fresh oregano and finally a bit of Kraft fat Free Sharp Cheddar cheese, a half a slice per tortilla. We each ate two. They were great, though they tasted nothing like I anticipated. I think we’ll have them again tonight, but with black beans, onions and chilies added.

As for that Fat Free cheese, to call it cheese is a stretch. It took awhile to melt, but finally did. Though it didn’t taste like real cheese, it did have a similar texture and added a taste and feel to the food we’ve been missing. I’m grateful such a thing is available. I wouldn’t want to eat it everyday. I’d rather my diet be more “natural,” but it was a welcome change.

I had to eat lunch out today and went to Wendy’s. I had a side salad with about 1/4 of the pouch of low fat ranch dressing. I also had a little bowl of mandarin oranges. I’d like to tell you it was delicious and satisfying but not really. My girls both had burgers and fries. While we all ate, I was fine. When we’d finished though, they both had fries leftover. The sight and the smell about sent me into salivating orbit.

Later, after picking up my grandsons at school,we stopped a convenience store to get them a soda. In the past, when on an outing with my girls, we might have stopped for chocolate. In fact, we might have skipped lunch and just had chocolate. My daughter also bought cigarettes. I can’t tell you how much I wanted a Milky way and cigarette. I’d love to tell you how easy this is. At times, it is. At other times though, it is incredibly hard.

This morning, it was hard to pull myself away from the television. I’ve been captivated by the Chilean miners rescue. After finally sleeping the two previous nights, I was up and down last night. I think I just didn’t want to miss seeing them emerge form the earth after over two months trapped underground. I woke several times and each time watched a miner emerge. When I left this morning, miner #12 had just come up. I returned home in time to see #27 step out of that tiny capsule. The spirit and resiliency of those men has touched me deeply. I wrote this, this morning,

I’m watching CNN and the miners emerge from the ground in Chile. It’s much like watching childbirth. I’m in awe, in tears and enraged that it happened in the first place.

I heard one reporter say that for these miners and their families, life would now be defined as before and after. Life before the collapse and life after.

It is not unlike heart disease.
In Awe,
In Tears,
And life is forever now defined as before and after.

I suppose countless events can produce the same such feelings and have an equally powerful and profound an effect on a person. Whether we see life after the event as good, bad or somewhere in between, life is forever changed, as are we.

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  1. Donna permalink
    October 14, 2010 2:40 pm

    I an so facinated by this menu you are following! I was truly and plesantly surprized to see Lee last night..I have not seen her in about 2 weeks and she looked great! The weight loss is visible and she seemed to really be breathing easier. I have been sharing your journey with my daughter who is just a little obsessed with health – mine and hers! I don’t know if I have mentioned how envious I am of you and my Natalie for having conquered smoking. That is the one thing I know would help me, and for some reason I must not have made that decision deep inside of me. (I digress…) The point is, I told her about your new household menu and she of course went immediately to google to find out about the benefits of such a plan. Today, she is all excieted about Dr. Max Gerson and his daughter. He began studying the link between diet and disease in the 40s or 50s. His daughter now has a clinic in California. They advocate raw and veggie diets to aresst and reverse heart disease and even cancer, and to assit with depression (depression is a natural partner that seems to show up with heart disease—like young lovers, they go everwhere together!). I took a peek at some of his stuff, and you may find some really good reciepes and tips and some very interesting books on his research of this type of plan for the last 50 years. By the way, Natalie says that you could save yourself much work it you have a crock pot…she has now eliminated caffine, sugar, meat and is doing mostly raw. She does however do some totally vegetarian chili and beans, beans, beans. She makes batches in the crock pot and then freezes portions which she uses all week.

    I have to tell you, you people are really frightening me! The last time I was at your home I had some of my favorite food – burnt on the grill hot dogs and chips and cheese! Last time I was at Natalie’s I had every traditonal Thanksgiving food possible — candied sweet potatoes (my private recipie) mac and cheese and 3 kinds of pie! Now, as I march toward my retierment I am wondering where a helpless senior citizen, living on a fixed income, will go for a decent free meal!!! hahaha…

    I am truly proud of all of you, and secretly hoping I might catch it from you! But don’t spread that around. I will now go and eat some F F yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast….best I can do today.

    • October 14, 2010 3:59 pm

      I was with my girls yesterday and told them I’m cooking Thanksgiving, whether they come or not. I might adjust the recipes a bit, and only a bit, but it will be standard fare for a day. You are welcome to come and bring those candied yams! I suppose there will eventually come a day when I no longer resent having to stop smoking and I really don’t know how I did, though that time on the ventilator probably helped, along with the electronic cigarette for awhile.

      I do have a crock pot but hadn’t thought to use it. I guess that I’m home most days to tend the flame is why. And tell Natalie I’ll check out Dr. Gerson’s work.It sounds like you’ve been eating far more healthy a diet than me for a long time. What in the world will we cook at a cookout next time? Grilled corn and carrots? Thanks so much. I love you too. Oh, we are performing two weddings next weekend (one’s even a paying gig!). Lee went to get her suit altered as it was far tooooo big. They couldn’t alter it as she is now four sizes smaller than her black suit! She had to get a new one. She’s been losing a pound or two a week since March and this diet change has sped the process even more. I quit gaining in March and have only started losing with this MENU. Love, Al

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