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My Friends, Ben and Jerry

October 11, 2010


Ben & Jerry's

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First, I’ll back track to the night before last. I cooked whole wheat pasta and roasted vegetables to go with it. I cut up onion, garlic, zucchini, carrot, broccoli  and asparagus, seasoned them all and roasted them in the oven. To the pasta, I added the leftover hummus as a sauce and the roasted vegetables. It was delicious! I like roasting the vegetables far better than cooking them in that bit of vegetable broth I’d been doing. We ate about half of what I cooked, and that was a lot of food. I think we eat more vegetables at one meal than we had been eating in a week.

Second, we didn’t take a picnic to the festival and the wait time at the restaurant we went to was so long we would have missed the parade. So, we went all day without eating before finally having soup and salad at “Lettuce Surprise You” late in the afternoon.I had some doubt about the soup being truly fat-free, but ate it anyway. The same was true for the “Non Fat” salad dressing, but I was too hungry to fret about it.

Third, my brother came over last night to stay with us so we could take him this morning for that endo-tracheal cardiac echo. He had to be at the hospital at 6AM so staying with us the night before made most sense for everyone.

He came bearing gifts…fat laden gifts…three one pint containers of Ben and Jerry’s Cake Batter ice cream. Now if you’ve never have B&J’s Cake Batter ice cream, it’s something you might want to consider, no matter how you normally eat. It really tastes like yellow cake batter with chocolate fudge frosting swirled all through it.

Maybe we could have been stronger had we not watched people eat huge roasted turkey legs, corn dogs and funnel cake all afternoon while we were famished.

Perhaps we could have just said “no” had we not been slightly afraid something dreadful might happen to my brother today and this could be our, God forbid, last meal together.

However, for whatever reason, we were not strong.

We did not say “no.”

We both opened our respective pints of goodness and took a bite of cold, creamy bliss.

What exploded in our mouths was not the delicious treasure we remembered, but something that tasted more like a spoon of frozen solid sugar. Had this ice cream always been this sweet? Neither of us could eat very much, though the surprise of the sweetness level did fade some with each spoonful.  We went to bed surprisingly guilt free, amazingly without regret. Whew.

Today, my brother is napping after the test that showed his artificial Aortic valve is still functioning fine with no signs of defect or infection. Leftover pasta and lentil soup sit ready to be eaten in the frig. I read more in The Spectrum this morning while sitting in the hospital waiting room. Ornish talks much about making the eating plan personal. Maybe personal for me will include a bit of Ben and Jerry’s now and then.

Oh! I almost forgot! I slept last night! Fell right to sleep and slept almost all night, waking only once very briefly!

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  1. October 11, 2010 4:41 pm

    Oh, Allie, I’m loving reading your blog and seeing you making the same ‘vegan’ discoveries my hubby and I have made over the past few months. And yes, we have traveled this path kicking and screaming and ranting and raving, only to discover how delicious it can be!

    I have a recipe I found and made last week for a guest who commented “I could eat THIS twice a week!” I’ll have to share it with you soon (when I find some time in my crazy retirement schedule that has been way too consumed with ‘computer’ allegience). That’s another story completely.

    Last weekend we attended a discussion led by Dave Nixon in which I was challeneged to think of my pursuit of health and care of the body as a ” temple” (not new thought to me) and to view food/activity as a “SPIRITUAL” discipline (REVOLUTIONARY NEW THOUGH FOR ME!)

    I have come away engrossed in thought about my world view, ‘hedonistic’ behavior, and contemplation about the ways in which I choose to spend my time and life energy.

    Well, it’s off to the grocery to practice a part of my new spiritual discipline – putting proper food on the table. ha

    Lynn (aka goingstrong on WomenHeart)

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