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Stay Off Those Scales!

October 5, 2010

I believe I’ll stay better motivated if I stay off the scales. A once weekly weight check should be enough. I weighed 135# this morning and that itsy little half pound gain since yesterday almost threw me into a tailspin. Once the spin stopped, I remembered how well we are doing and how satisfied we are most of the time.

Yesterday, we had a nice smoothie for breakfast with some of the frozen peach mixture, bananas and just enough non fat milk to satisfy the blender. It was delicious and Mary, you are so right. The bananas do add a lot of sweetness. We were on the go all afternoon. On the way out the door, I’d grabbed a box of whole rye crackers I’d picked up at the store. They had pumpkin seeds and were very tasty when we found ourselves stuck in traffic, not moving at all for almost an hour while a wreck was cleared.

When we got home, I reheated the three bean mix I’d cooked before we left, adding a couple of spoons of the fiery hot veggie mixture from the day before. I also cooked three small sweet potatoes to 2/3 done in the microwave, then peeled and sliced them and finished cooking them in the oven. I also roasted half a bunch of asparagus at the same time. A fresh sliced tomato topped off our meal. We had quite a feast and were stuffed and happy when we were done. There were enough beans left for Lee to take to work today and she added a bit of the hot as fire leftover rice and an extra spoon of the hot veggies, too. She’s a bit of a risk taker and likes to live a little on the wild side, can’t you tell?

For a late night snack, the former chocolate hour, we had black grapes and a Mutzu apple. If you haven’t ever had a Mutzu, they are our very favorite apple, crisp, juicy and sweet. I bought them in the mountains last week at an orchard. They are also called Crispins.

In that one meal, I felt I’d found a key to success. With the fish or meat glaringly absent from our plates, we need our plates to still look full and complete. Just one or two items isn’t going to be enough, at least not for every meal. We need it to look like a real meal with lots of colors and textures and flavors.

Mary, I have wondered about the extreme lack of any oil on the Ornish plan, but, I do have an extreme case of heart disease. I saw this morning where Amazon has shipped the books I ordered. After I read those, I’ll get the one you suggested. Like you, I’ll probably find some compromised version that feels right for us. I know already that just a tiny tad of oil would make a huge difference in how things taste and in the texture of certain things. Even though I’m not a big bread eater, I’m missing bread a lot. That’s why I enjoyed those funky crackers so much.

I love the idea of freezing the base of soup and such. That hot veg mixture has already come in handy. I’d never thought about cooking rice and freezing it. The whole grain brown rice takes a lot longer to cook than the white stuff.Your soup sounds delicious! I was thinking this morning about looking for a dessert recipe, but thought again as this cold turkey time without any sweets except fruit is probably most wise. We can ease into desserts after our new diet has become more habit or lifestyle. A little taste might push us over the will power edge.

My culinary plan for today is simple. For dinner, I’m planning yellow potatoes, carrots  and onions baked with rosemary, brussel sprouts, sliced fresh tomatoes,  and corn. If I can get to the store for more crackers before then, I’m going to try making some homemade hummas to eat as an appetizer. For our late night chocolate substitute, I’m planning to cook a  couple of apples with some cinnamon.

Even though today is Day Four, tomorrow will be a week since our efforts began, with our first few days not successful. I think we might just stick to this! Keeping this dietary journal helps keep me accountable. I would hate to have to admit we’d had cheeseburgers or a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. If we do, you might be the only ones to know.

While the scales may be an indicator of success, a more accurate indicator will be a decrease in cardiac and arterial symptoms. I would love to take a shower, get dressed, put on make-up and not need a break before doing anything else. Then again, I do remember last year when I couldn’t stand in the shower and couldn’t wash my own hair; when I had to have help in and out of the tub and when I had to lie down and rest before I could put my clothes on. Maybe to not get worse would be the best indicator of all. Life is very good, just as it is.

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  1. Mary permalink
    October 5, 2010 11:43 pm

    I will try a Crispin if you try a HoneyCrisp Apple. I have gone absolutely crazy for these, each fall!

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