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Day Two, Plant Based Diet

October 3, 2010
Vegetables in a grocery store, Paris, France.

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Our plant-based diet had some spits and starts. On Tuesday, we didn’t even attempt it, but I did go to the grocery store and stocked up on items to get us started. Looking at that buggy full of beans, fruits, vegetables and grains, it looked more like a buggy full of items to be restocked than a buggy full of food someone would actually buy and eat. No oil, butter, cheese, sweets of any kind, meat, fish, eggs or usual snack item was in there.

I debated what to do with all the items in our pantry which would become off-limits. I decided to keep them for cooking for guests, and just in case we failed at this or decided to abandon the plan.

On Wednesday, we made a slightly better attempt, but still decided we just had to use the pizza dough we still had in the frig and the cheese that called to be eaten. Thursday was better still, as Lee had some sort of stomach aliment and was nauseated all day. Our dinner was a rather feeble attempt. Friday was the best to that point, with a fruit smoothie made from non fat milk, banana, a peach and protein powder for breakfast and a lunch of a massive salad of veggies. Fine, that is, until dinner time. We had the grandsons and were out and about and gave in to their desire for fried chicken. It didn’t help that we could smell it even in the car as we drove past restaurants. We are easily swayed it seems with very little will power when it comes to food. We dined at “Folks” where even the barest veggie is fat laden. I had the fried chicken salad complete with honey mustard dressing and Lee thoroughly enjoyed the fried chicken plate and country-style fixin’s. We did, however, manage to avoid all three days, the Texas Sheet cake Lee’s mom had made and we had brought back from Illinois. Neither of us had the heart to throw away something so precious. It is still sitting in the frig.

Saturday, yesterday, was our first completely successful day. For lunch I cooked for the first time ever, Quinoa. Over it I served a mix of carrots, onions, asparagus, mushrooms apple and spinach. I had no idea how to saute vegetables without any oil at all. I used vegetable stock and a tablespoon of Dale’s Steak Seasoning and it was amazingly tasty. I added a bit of cornstarch at the end to thicken it and it was deceptively like a nice cream sauce. I thought I’d made enough for ample leftovers, but we ate it all except a small serving for Lee to take to work today. For dinner, I just opened a can of field peas, sliced an onion and heated us each two corn tortillas as a substitute for cornbread.

When I told Lee I thought I might use this blog as a diet diary and recipe journal, she asked if I’d weighed myself so I could document any weight loss.

I sit here mulling this over. This would be one of those naked on the street corner moments.

To tell or not to tell.

My entire life, I’ve weighed between 90 and 100#. The only exception was childhood, during puberty when I ballooned to about 112, while pregnant when I get up to 113, and the last couple of years when I stayed around 108. That’s where I was when I got sick.

For the next fifteen months, I gained about two pounds each month, finally leveling off at 138.5#. I can blame it on Beta Blockers and other medications, a forced lack of activity and a slowed heart rate and metabolism. The bottom line though is for fifteen months, I consumed more than I  burned, for whatever reason. For the last few months when I have not gained, I have consumed as much as I burned, no more, no less.

Last night, I weighted 138.5#. This morning, I weigh 135#. I do swell a lot throughout the day. Maybe that will even improve eating this new way.

I do wonder about the wisdom of eating no fat at all. I do wonder if I can endure no sweets at all. I’m already wondering if a touch of honey now and then is okay. I must order a few books for information, recipes and motivation. Cooking has become my hobby and I looked this morning at a Martha Stewart magazine and wanted to try out a dozen recipes there. This could be an exciting challenge in the kitchen. I find already I need to cook more. Plants don’t stay with you as meat, fish and cheese do. I need to cook enough for Lee to take to work also as sandwiches are now taboo.

If you want to follow our progress, stay tuned. I will be brutally honest. Time to start cooking.

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