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Results of Personal Crestor Study

August 11, 2010

My experiment is complete, at least as complete as I’m willing to let it be. After a week without taking Crestor, suspecting the cholesterol lowering drug was the cause of my late night cramping and late afternoon achiness, the results are inconclusive.

The afternoon achiness, similar to the achiness associated with the flu or a bad cold is definitely better, though not gone. The nighttime achiness seems better in my legs, but not elsewhere in my body. If all the muscle challenges had simply disappeared, I’d have easily blamed it on the Crestor. They didn’t.

I wonder if I’d have had the nerve to stop taking it entirely anyway. I know the fish has helped, but probably not all this much. My numbers are dramatically improved. Maybe they will come up with a drug that lowers cholesterol without all the side effects and potential devastating adverse reactions. In the meantime, the possible adverse reactions to not taking it are even more frightening.

So, I cave to fear, or reason or wisdom, whichever you’d prefer to call it. Just another day in Pharmaceutical Paradise.

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