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Nice to have choices- July 12, 2009

August 26, 2009

I saw the vascular surgeon on Friday. I’m scheduled to have an arteriogram and hopeful femoral artery stents on the 24th. I had a lot of questions. Why was I having this done? Was the leg critical? Or, was this being done so the cardiologist could gain access to my heart via the femoral artery? What if he couldn’t clear the artery? What next?

Yes, this is mostly to give the cardiologist access through that artery. It’s also a first step to restoring blood flow to my legs. He talked of fem to fem bypass, aortic bypass. I had looked both of those up online. Scary stuff. Both have higher mortality rates than cardiac bypass. He seemed to think that would be necessary. I’m not sure I buy that.

But for now, all I have to say yes to is the arteriogram. It might even work. It sounds like it’s okay to wait on anything more invasive until I’m no longer on Plavix. That was a year from Feb. Then a year from May. Now, a year from now, provided he gets one in.

I’m glad I have time to get use to the idea of having anything at all done. Time to psyche myself up. It would be a really cool thing to have that leg work again. Maybe someday they’ll invent a full body stent. Just feed it all the way through and open everything up! Drive a small toy truck in those arteries! Make it outta that Little Tykes stuff, that heavy duty plastic they make indestructible toys out of. Better yet, that non toxic draino drug someone shared an article about a while back.

Maybe next year,

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